Genclean – Our Culture, Values, And Vision

Genclean is an innovative company, engaged in the development of advanced water & wastewater disinfection solutions. Our breakthrough products and services are popular among industries, companies, and public water utilities. Learn how we’re making high-volume water treatment processes safer, more cost-efficient, and sustainable with our products.

Who We Are

Genclean Treatment Solutions is a division of the award-winning, USA-based company Genesis Water Technologies. We specialize in developing and commercializing scalable NSF-certified advanced oxidation technology in liquid disinfection solutions for a sustainable green chemistry which is much-needed today. We have tremendous experience in sustainable and scalable advanced oxidation, and we are poised to meet the emerging water disinfection challenges now and into the future. 

Genclean treatment solutions is the leader in drinking water and wastewater treatment solutions
Genclean treatment solutions is the leader in drinking water and wastewater treatment solutions

We are the leader in drinking water and wastewater disinfection solutions for commercial and industrial facilities, food and beverage companies, aquaculture and seafood farms, marine and water parks, hotels, resorts, and water utilities. We serve both US-based and international clients to help them meet water quality challenges and standards. 

Innovation and collaboration are the foundations of our advanced disinfection treatment solutions and services that help improve the safety and cleanliness of water supplies. 

Company Culture

We are committed to providing the best water treatment solution in the market, so we’re matching this goal by attracting the top talents. We maintain a diverse team to encourage innovation and growth while fostering a purpose-driven culture that rewards creativity, integrity, respect, and responsibility.

Our people always work in the best interest of Genclean and its mission. The members of our team know how to set aside differences and compartmentalize conflicts of interest to avoid interfering with job responsibilities. 


We take after the corporate values that made our parent company, Genesis Water Technologies, a highly trusted leader in engineering and developing sustainable water & wastewater reuse solutions.

We value integrity and transparency
We value integrity and transparency

We value ethics and transparency, which is why we strive for the highest standards in all aspects of operations. We provide as much information as we can to our clients to help them see the benefits of using Genclean products in water and wastewater treatment.

We don’t engage with businesses that permit corrupt practices that can tarnish the integrity and reputation of Genclean. We do our due diligence to avoid getting involved in a business relationship that can compromise our ethics. 

Our reputation is one of our most valued assets, so we make sure that it is cultivated and protected internally and externally. By following operation processes, listening to client feedback, and attending to reported concerns, we’re able to maintain quality, reliability, and safety in our products and services.

Our advanced oxidation technology is the result of our belief in innovation
Our advanced oxidation technology is the result of our belief in innovation

The use of our proprietary advanced oxidation water treatment in our solutions is the fruit of innovation. 

We embrace change because this will make us learn and discover more ways to create sustainable water disinfection solutions. Our dedication to continuous improvement is what pushes us to maintain the high quality of our products and services.

Maintaining water treatment plants can be expensive due to repairs and upgrades to keep them efficient and compliant with operating regulations. Energy consumption is another issue as water and wastewater treatment companies make up as much as 15% of the total annual electric consumption in the USA. For these reasons, many organizations look for alternative or supplementary solutions that can make their operations much more efficient, practical, and reliable.

The advanced oxidation process is built on the foundation of providing a sustainable solution
The advanced oxidation process is built on the foundation of providing a sustainable solution

As a company that values green chemistry, we prioritize protecting the environment and supporting local communities. We are a water treatment company committed to providing sustainable liquid solutions based on the advanced oxidation process for disinfecting and oxidizing microbiological pathogens, organic contaminants, and pollutants in water streams. 

Only very low amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen contents in domestic wastewater are allowed to be discharged by plants. These components majorly impact eutrophication and algae blooming, both of which can negatively affect aquatic life and water quality. On the other hand, hydrogen sulfide and trace metals in drinking water must be removed to ensure safe consumption. Water and wastewater companies that don’t properly maintain their systems might leak these elements, so regular checkups are needed.

There’s an increasing need for sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of water oxidation and disinfection. While there are numerous solutions available in the market, many of them produce toxic byproducts harmful to the environment. The issue of water and wastewater treatment has become increasingly critical, especially now that there are regulations requiring more efficient use of water in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Environment responsibility is vital in our approach to our mantra of sustainability. This is why we’ve innovated the advanced oxidation process to help our commercial, industrial and water utility clients to switch to a more scalable and sustainable solution that will reduce their environmental footprint.


Raw drinking water contains all sorts of sand particles, algae, decomposing products, bacteria, and viruses that are unsafe for human consumption. The same goes for untreated domestic wastewater that goes back to nature without filtering organic contaminants that can negatively impact the ecosystem. 

Our mission is to develop and supply innovative water solutions that can ensure the safety and cleanliness of water supplies, wherever possible. Using innovation and dedication to advance this technology, we are able to serve new clients in different market sectors and geographies while adding value to our clients. With a solid foundation and vision, we focus on innovation in disinfection and scalable advanced oxidation for high flow rate water & wastewater applications we look to the future.

Genclean continues to create better solutions that can help combat the effects of climate change. We want to make sure emerging contaminants will not hinder anyone from gaining access to clean water.

What Makes Genclean Different?

Genclean’s advanced oxidation (AOP) formula makes water and wastewater treatment more practical and effective
Genclean’s advanced oxidation (AOP) formula makes water and wastewater treatment more practical and effective

Water reuse is a practical option in settings wherein water supply is scarce. With the appropriate treatment technology, water can be reused several times, resulting in reduced cost, better efficiency, and lower energy consumption. For this to happen, the right chemistry for water treatment must be introduced to the system.

Genclean is a non-toxic solution that removes harmful microagents and controls biological fouling in water and wastewater. Our products use an advanced oxidation (AOP) formula of minerals chelated with oxygen and stabilized in an aqueous water solution. 

Genclean products have twice the oxidation capability of chlorine and 1.5x that of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and other non-chlorine water treatment solutions measured by oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). It is the most viable option for industries and applications requiring a high-level and effective water sanitation and disinfection solution

Other water treatment solutions work only in certain pH levels. Adjustments may be needed for the solution to work in water bodies that are too basic or acidic. Genclean solutions are versatile because they remain effective in a wide pH range. Additionally, they don’t require an external catalyst to activate.

Additionally, our AOP solution doesn’t require highly trained technicians to work. The Genclean chemical feed system reduces wasteful energy consumption, resulting in lower capital costs without sacrificing output quality. Genclean products are simply the best products for water and wastewater disinfection.

Genclean - Solving the Most Common Water Treatment Challenges

While there are numerous potential water treatment challenges, five of them fall under the most common issues encountered by both industrial clients and municipal utilities alike:


Personnel need to have in-depth knowledge to monitor the system.

Bacteria growth

The growth of microorganisms in the water can be hard to control, thus the need for chemical biocides, some of which may be dangerous to humans.


Many water treatment systems need complex instruments to monitor factors that can affect water quality. 

System design

The design should fit the needed input and output of the system. Changes to existing systems can be costly, especially if the infrastructure wasn’t built to be flexible.


Poor maintenance in treatment facilities have serious implications on its output and performance.

Genclean is the most effective answer to these operational drawbacks. Genclean products simple application is very flexible and can surely integrate with most treatment systems with little to no impact on existing infrastructure.

Contact us to know more about Genclean advanced oxidation technology solutions and how we can help you improve operations.

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