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Genclean Pool is an NSF certified advanced oxidation water liquid treatment solution developed specifically for the oxidation and disinfection of organic contaminants and microbiological pathogens in water fountains, pools in hotels, resorts, aquatic centers and water & marine parks.

It is a clear non-toxic, proprietary sustainable advanced oxidation (AOP) formula of minerals chelated with oxygen and stabilized in an aqueous water solution.

Genclean Pool does not need external catalysts for activation of its capabilities to reduce, disinfect and oxidize water borne contamination including chlorine resistant cryptosporidium through the generation of specific hydroxyl radicals and multiple reactive oxygen compounds.

Easy implementation of a GWT automated chemical feed pump dosage system with integrated pH/ORP controller is installed prior to the pools water filtration system to provide maximum benefit with optimized capital and operational cost.


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Container Sizes55 gal (200 L drum) & 265 gal (1000 L tote)
Typical Shelf Life6-7 months shelf life for maximum performance.
Storage RequirementsStore at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children.
CertificationsNSF 60 Certified, FDA Generally Recognized As Safe Compliant
Application ORP RangeIn dosing Genclean-Pool, the ORP controller on the GWT chemical feed system typically maintains ORP at or above +700 mV at neutral pH levels for optimal performance. However, this range shall be validated and field adjusted.

Genclean Pool

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