Genclean - Disinfect

Genclean-Disinfect is a NSF certified advanced oxidation liquid water treatment solution recently developed for the disinfection of commercial and industrial cooling tower applications.

It is a clear non-toxic, proprietary advanced oxidation (AOP) formula of minerals chelated with oxygen and stabilized in an aqueous water solution.

Genclean-Disinfect does not require external catalyst activation to generate its capabilities to disinfect, sanitize and oxidize bacteria and biofilm from cooling tower equipment surfaces.

It also provides the benefits of scale reduction as scaling mineral deposits typically agglomerate on a foundation of bacteria and biofilm in cooling tower systems.

Additionally, increased heat transfer rates of up to 40% can be witnessed as a result of ongoing treatment, along with the ease of monitoring Genclean Disinfect dosage rates provides the client a quick return on investment.


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Container Sizes55 gal (200 L drum) & 265 gal (1000 L tote)
Typical Shelf Life6-7 months shelf life for maximum performance.
Storage RequirementsStore at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children.
CertificationsNSF 61 Certified, FDA Generally Recognized As Safe Compliant
Application ORP RangeIn dosing Genclean-Disinfect, the GWT chemical feed system ORP controller will typically maintain the ORP between +400 mV to +500 mV. This has shown bacterial counts to a range less than 110cfu cost efficiently. However, this range can be validated and field adjusted.
*Lab & pilot testing services available for validation of application dosage rates.

Genclean Disinfect

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