Chemical Feed Pump System
Pools/Water Parks/Water Fountains

GWT Engineered Panel Mounted Chemical Feed Pool Dosage Systems are engineered and designed utilizing CAD tools for simple installation and maintenance.

These Genclean Pool chemical dosing systems are integrated into:

– Pools/Spas of hotels, resorts, water parks and aquatic centers

– Marine parks & zoos

– Water fountains

Each pre-engineered, tested and built panel mounted system includes both duplex peristaltic chemical feed pumps with an integrated controller for pH, ORP and temperature measurements.

The GWT panel mount chemical dosage system includes the following:

A truly multi-purpose peristaltic feed pump with integrated controller providing a simple, effective interface and easy installation for dosage optimization of Genclean Pool.

Key Benefits

*Additional system options includes secure WIFI system capability.


Panel Mount Genclean Pool Chemical Feed Dosage Pump

Other Chemical Feed Systems

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Industrial / Municipal

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