Why Is Scalable Advanced Oxidation Important To Industry?

Why Is Scalable Advanced Oxidation Important To Industry

Advanced oxidation has been around for quite some time and has proven its usefulness in water and wastewater treatment applications. Optimizing its use is continuously being studied, but there are already existing technologies that make it scalable for industrial and commercial use. This article discusses the benefits of advanced oxidation in various applications and its […]

Chlorine VS. Genclean: Which Is Better?

While chlorine continues to be a popular choice for water treatment, many people are beginning to question if chlorine is the best option. Chlorine and Genclean are two different types of water purification solutions. Chlorine is a chemical that oxidizes bacteria by breaking down its components, whereas Genclean utilizes an  advanced oxidation process to do […]

Genclean – Our Culture, Values, And Vision

Genclean - Our Culture, Value, And Vision

Genclean is an innovative company, engaged in the development of advanced water & wastewater disinfection solutions. Our breakthrough products and services are popular among industries, companies, and public water utilities. Learn how we’re making high-volume water treatment processes safer, more cost-efficient, and sustainable with our products. Who We Are Genclean Treatment Solutions is a division […]

Genclean’s Mission – Helping In High-Volume Water Disinfection

Untreated water has a high chance of containing harmful bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that can make people ill when consumed. Drinking water disinfection is one of the trusted processes for making drinking water free from harmful contaminants that can also cause unpleasant tastes and odors. In large-scale applications such as municipal use, the disinfection of […]

The Story Of Genclean And Its Advanced Oxidation Formula

Why Choose Genclean And Its Advanced Oxidation Formula

Water is usually treated twice, once before it is used and another after it has been used. Water treatment is a vital element in ensuring the safe use of the water either for human consumption or for disposal back to nature. This cycle must be maintained to make sure the supply of water is conserved […]

What is Genclean Advanced Oxidation Disinfection?

Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email What is Advanced Oxidation Disinfection? In an overview, advanced oxidation disinfection is a specific treatment process designed to oxidize, disinfect, and remove organic and certain inorganic contaminants from water and wastewater through the generation of hydroxyl radical (OH) and other specific compounds. What […]

Genesis Water Technologies Announces New Genclean AOP Disinfection Division with 5 Innovative New Product Solutions

Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email Genesis Water Technologies, (GWT) a US based global water solutions engineering company has announced that it has recently launched its innovative Genclean AOP Disinfection Division. Genclean is committed to launching sustainable and scalable liquid AOP disinfection solutions. Their purpose is to disinfect and […]