Using Advanced Oxidation Technology to Prevent Challenging Situations

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About Genclean

Genclean Treatment Solutions is committed to implementing sustainable and scalable liquid advanced oxidation solutions for the disinfection and oxidation of harmful pathogens, micropollutants, biofouling and trace metal contamination in water streams.

Genclean Water Treatment Solutions

Our Products

We serve water and wastewater treatment utilities, industry, cooling towers, aquaculture, food and beverage clients, hotels and resorts, and water parks.

Genclean - Disinfect

Advanced treatment solution developed for the disinfection and scale prevention in commercial and industrial cooling towers.

Genclean - Muni

Advanced oxidation treatment solutions developed for the oxidation and disinfection of microbiological and organic contaminants in drinking water and domestic wastewater.

Genclean - Ind

Advanced oxidation water treatment liquid solution recently developed for the oxidation and disinfection of organic and microbiological contaminants in industrial wastewater.

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